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This is a small library of aerofoils suitable for various parts of HPAs

HPA aerofoils are generally characterized by being less than 15% thick as they operate at low Reynolds numbers (> 1,000,000) and having high lift/drag ratios. (for the Reynolds number). The exception is aerofoil sections for fuselage fairings which can be up to 21% thick and require low drag at small angles of attack.

If you wish to save any of the dat files then right click and select “Save Target As...” in Internet Explorer or “Save Link As...” in Mozilla Firefox.

Details of the DAT format can be found here.

The aerofoils have been broken down into 4 groups, aerofoils for wings, propeller aerofoils, rudder and elevator aerofoils and aerofoils for fuselage fairings. These are advisory divisions only.

Each aerofoil has it’s own page, the page’s banner is an image of the aerofoil section, the red line is the chord line. There is then a description of key facts about the aerofoil and the DAT file can be downloaded.

There is also a page with graphs of relevant characteristics.

The graphs were created with Java Foil set to:-

  • Surface Finish - Smooth
  • Stall model - Eppler
  • Transition model - Eppler extended

WARNING: These graphs were generated by computer and some of them look suspicious to me and should not be relied upon.

NOTE: Some of the aerofoils have 2 DAT files associated with them. One is the original file of coordinates, the other file is a smoothed file for use with computer programs. They should, however,  produce the same aerofoil profile.

NOTE: The aerofoil data has generally been found on the internet meaning while every effort is made to check that these are the correct coordinates for the aerofoil they cannot be guaranteed.

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