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This page has links to DAT files of various aerofoils used by HPAs

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Details of the DAT format can be found here.

Lissaman 7769 Used by Gossamer Condor and Gossamer Albatross and others.

A family of aerofoils used by Daedalus from wing root to tip, DAE 11 at the root to DAE 31 or DAE 41 at the tip. You may choose to use one or more of these depending on the local Reynolds number.


DAE 21

DAE 31

DAE 41

DAE 51 (Propeller section)

Some sections used by Light Eagle and Airglow

Dai 1238

Dai 1335

Dai 1336

Some more propeller sections.

Eppler 193


Clark-Y 9%

Some Wortmann sections.

FX 63-137 The aerofoil by which other aerofoils are judged.

FX 76MP 160 A 16% thick section

FX 76MP 140 A 14% thick section

FX 76MP 120 A 12% thick section

FX 76 100 A 10%  thick symmetrical section for rudder and elevator

More symmetrical sections

NACA 0009 A 9% thick section

NACA 0012 A 12% thick section

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