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This page contains links to a set of PDFs of Gossamer Condor technical drawing that should enable a person to build their own copy of it.

Why should you be interested in these drawings? They should give you some idea of how to build light but strong enough to fly.

From your browser, right click and select the appropriate save option to save the file to your hard drive, double click to open them.

Air speed indicator



Fuselage detail

Fuselage frame

Front fuselage

Spar joint



Propeller shaft

Chain tensioner

Fuselage fairing

Wing warp controls


Control cane

Side view

NOTE: All measurements are in feet and inches or fractions of an inch. The conversion to millimetres is to multiply inches by 25.4. There are 12 inches in a foot so the conversion is 304.8 mm to the foot.

NOTE: ‘ (quote) is used as shorthand for feet and “  (double quote) is used for shorthand for inches.

NOTE: AL is short for Aluminium. Gossamer Condor was joined with Aluminium pop rivets which have the great advantages that they are light, easy to put in and they can be drilled out.

NOTE: 8-32 and similar are American bolt sizes.

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