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Here is a set of PDF drawings of Velair 89 designed by Peer Frank, by John McIntire. Velair was used as the basis for Betterfly.

From your browser, right click and select the save appropriate option to save the file to your hard drive, double click to open them.

Velair plan

Wing joint

Wing rib

 Drive shaft

Side elevation

Side elevation showing wing deflection

Tail surfaces struts


Carbon fibre layups

Top fuselage tube

Tail boom

Bottom fuselage tube

Upright fuselage tube

Tailplane spar

Wing spar


The file v-88.txt contains the weights in grammes of various components of Velair ‘88, the file v-89.txt contains the weights of various components in grammes and is mostly in German. It also contains various coordinates for the components. It may be an AVL file or similar.

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